2020 Training Registration now closed.

All-new training to be launched in 2021.


Natalie Southgate

Learn how to run a soul-centred business where you share a powerful healing modality, help others, and make a divine income to nourish and support yourself and your family.

Chakradance™ is a Jungian healing movement practice.

There are no 'set steps'. We move freely to music created to resonate with each of the energy centers (chakras) that regulate our whole mind-body-spirit system.

In this training, you'll learn how to guide your clients into their own healing dances of release and re-connection.

Many people say it feels like "coming home".

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Fascinating insights – and a wonderful experience ~ Deepak Chopra   



Chakradance is recognized by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists as a healing modality, and Chakradance Pty Ltd is an IICT Approved Training Provider.