Ji Hea Kim

Ji Hea has been a professional in the healing arts since 2004, but has been well aware of subtle energies since a young age.  She is also one of the few initiated into the Sirius Tibetan spiritual system, enabling her to offer powerful facilitation of universal energy, as well as intensive psychic distance-healing.  Early in her career, Ji Hea gained much experience regarding the human form while working as a Structural Bodywork Therapist for The California Ballet and Migraine Specialist for Kaiser Permanente’s Migraine and Headache Program.

Her background includes Traditional Oriental Medicine, Intuitive & Psychic cultivation, Structural Alignment Bodywork Therapy and Clinical Nutrition.  In her private practice in San Diego, her focus is on balancing the body’s electromagnetic field to bring a more harmonious state to the individual – which thereby lends itself to powerful self-healing.  Facilitating Chakradance is a natural extension of, and complement to, this work.  Ji Hea is available as a key-note speaker, workshop facilitator/trainer, and presenter.