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The Facilitator Training Program

Come home to your true self.... And help others to do so too.

Imagine yourself in a safe and sacred space...candle-light...eyes softly closed. Dancing to great music, resonating with each of your chakras, you are guided into your own inner dance of release and re-connection.

Chakradance is a form of nourishment for the soul. It offers a unique kind of liberation. Some call it "the musical sister of yoga". Many people say "it feels like coming home!"

This inner-healing practice is growing quickly, with over 400 facilitators now, in over 40 countries. But it is still new in most places, so you could be one of the first to offer it in your area.


This Training is all home-practice based, so you can do it at home, anywhere in the world.

As an Accredited and Licenced Chakradance Facilitator you will enjoy....

  • Everything you need to run successful classes in this gentle yet powerful "sister of yoga" holistic healing modality;
  • All the music and course notes for your intro classes and initial 9-week cycle;
  • The benefits of our well-respected global brand, endorsed by people such as Deepak Chopra, Mark Metz of Conscious Dancer magazine, and Tami Simon at Sounds True;
  • Exposure to our 170,000+ Facebook followers;
  • Your own page on the Chakradance website to promote yourself and your classes;
  • A comprehensive marketing toolkit, including logos, images, ads, press releases, leaflets, brochures, and tips on how to use them and how to promote your classes;
  • Ongoing support from Natalie and our Head of Facilitator Support, Jenny Curtis;
  • Membership of the wonderful private circle of 400+ Facilitators worldwide on Facebook;
  • Your own personal code to earn commission when one of your friends or class participants makes a purchase from our website (plus they get a discount too);
  • Access to professional membership of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)... which also guarantees you discounted Public Liability insurance;
  • You will have learned to feel, heal and balance your own chakras, greatly assisting your own healing and personal growth;
  • And you will enjoy the satisfaction of bringing healing to your community whilst supplementing your own income and having fun!

Here's Natalie talking about this training:


Step One



Start with this intro course to check that this training feels right for you. It includes:

  • An audio "Introduction to Chakradance" class, for you to download and experience an hour-long healing journey through your whole chakra system;
  • An audio Base chakra class, for you to experience an example of the deep-dive classes into specific chakras;
  • Two workbooks (one to accompany each class), crammed with info, guidance, and exercises for you to try at home after dancing the classes;
  • Videos from Natalie to help you get the most out of the course.

Discovery Course now only costs USD $75.

Step Two


NEXT TERM DATE: 29th MAY - 4th AUGUST 2017

Picking up where Discovery leaves off, this full course will guide you in detail on every aspect of becoming an accredited Chakradance Facilitator.

By the end of it, you will be in better touch with your own chakras; you will feel more whole and balanced; and you will be fully trained and ready to run your own Chakradance classes and courses to help facilitate healing in others.

You are free to do the work (it takes about 4 hours per week, over 10 weeks) at whatever times suit you. The course includes:

  • Weekly classes (with guidance voice-overs) for you to dance at home: these at-home classes will activate your own healing process, and at the same time you will be learning the structure and content of the classes that you will be facilitating in the future.
  • Lots of tips and videos from Natalie to guide you, and a series of e-books offering you practical and experiential ways of exploring each of the chakras. Discover how different symbols, archetypes and correspondences can act as 'gateways' into each chakra. 
  • Energy exercises, meditations and self-reflection exercises to help you more fully experience your own chakra system, and heighten your sensitivity to subtle energies, while at the same time giving you a wealth of knowledge to prepare you for running classes.
  • The roots of Chakradance: Jungian psychology. The work of Carl Jung is woven through and underpins the whole Chakradance experience. In this course, we will introduce you to the basics of Jungian psychology and how it connects to Chakradance. You will start to understand events in your own everyday life in relation to Jung's theories, as you prepare to integrate key aspects of Jungian philosophy into your Chakradance classes. 
  • The healing power of Mandala Art creation, and its role in Chakradance. Towards the end of each class, we invite participants to express whatever has come up for them in the dance in a simple Mandala Art drawing. In this course, you will learn why we do this, and how making a mandala contributes to the healing process.
  • The 7 key principles of Chakradance: these 7 core principles relate, as you would expect, to the 7 chakras. They are deep fundamental truths that together form the 'bedrock' of Chakradance. Throughout the course, you will explore these Principles in preparation for becoming a Facilitator.
  • Your role as a facilitator: you will learn in detail how to prepare for, and how to facilitate, classes. We will introduce you to a range of group-leadership skills, and a Code of Conduct to work within. A downloadable video will show you every aspect of preparing and running a class from beginning to end.
  • Chakradance as a healing business, or as part of one: includes creating a simple business plan, marketing, and information regarding professional memberships and insurances etc. 
  • How to prepare and submit your video demo for final assessment. Don't worry, this is nowhere near as daunting as it sounds, and you'll know exactly what to do and how to do it by the time you get to this final stage of the training.

The training includes membership of a wonderful private discussion group on facebook, for you to ask questions and share experiences, with us and your fellow trainees all over the world. The group is hosted and personally led by Natalie, so you will be in direct contact with her through the training.

On completion, as an accredited facilitator, you will be supported with marketing programs; invited to join the wonderful (and again private) Chakradance Facilitators' Circle on facebook; and have your own dedicated (public) page on our website, to promote yourself and your classes.

This value-packed training course costs just US$1,450....and you can spread the cost over three instalments of US$485 each as the course progresses..... or you can SAVE US$200 with our Earlybird Price of just US$1,250 - and get an Extra Bonus too - if you pay in full by 30th April.

Many of our facilitators find that they easily recoup their training costs, and more, in their first public running of a 9-week cycle of classes.

But first things first. You need to do the initial Discovery course, so you can experience enough of this training to decide if it feels right for you. So get started - begin to feel, heal and balance your own true rhythms; and start to learn how to help others to feel, heal and balance theirs.

Chakradance is recognized by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists as a healing modality, and Chakradance pty ltd is an IICT Approved Training Provider.


Half-Price Chakradance Discovery Course

Discover if this feels right for you...



Facilitator Training Full Payment Earlybird

Earlybird price (save US$200) until 30th April 2017.


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