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Gail Johnson


Gail came to be the first accredited Chakradance instructor in the United States in 2009 by way of researching the therapeutic aspects of dance and music.  Having studied numerous forms of energy healing for over 10 years, Chakradance's combination of music, dance and mandala art immediately resonated with her.  Gail feels that the benefits of journeying through the chakras while dancing are profound.

Gail is also a SoulCollage facilitator and a certified Food & Spirit practitioner, focusing on nourishment through the chakras. Her goal is to help facilitate the gift of healing by helping others connect to their own true rhythm through the chakras.

She believes that when people experience this gift they will be amazed at how the world changes.

Gail's passion for Chakradance is inspiring and rejuvenating. Her energy and gentle guidance creates a sacred space to deeply experience my body's innate movement and intelligence. I was truly amazed by the wisdom that arises through movement and drawing mandalas after the dance.

Lauren Z. Schneider, MA, MFT Institute of Dreams and Tarotpy®


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Coming soon to Eugene area 7 Keys to Freedom intro classes TBA Just moved here from Southern California!

To register interest, please email me!