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Jayni Roxton-Wiggill


A Visionary Energy Artist & SoulPath Wellness Facilitator, I have seen auras all my life; I read auras then paint them (aura portraits); untangle and cleanse energy fields and balance chakras.

Chakradance has been added to my workbox because I endorse and encourage self empowerment and mindfulness. Any form of dancing is a marvellous body-mind-spirit catalyst and free-form, spontaneous dance, like Chakradance, has a special place in my heart. The mandala art captures the essence of one's dance through the chakras; and spontaneous art making is cathartic and healing. Chakradance is a moving meditation that facilitates a journey through our unconscious mind without analysing or interpreting - pure freedom! Come and try it!

Chakradance completely changed my life. I learnt, unleashing your inner child brings so much bliss to your soul and that's what Chakradance does to you. Thank you Jayni, for your generosity and the willingness to share your knowledge. I am truly grateful to you.

Thava S


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Weekly: Alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays Attunement/Intro classes. Aura.Soul.Art Studio Ferndale
18:30 fort prompt 18h45 start
Thursdays InDepth Cycle 8 weekly workshops (Awakening, Journeying & Freedom) Aura.Soul.Art Studio Ferndale
18h30 - 21h00
On enquiry Celebration 1 or 2 Workshops: Scheduled from time to time. Aura.Soul.Art Studio Ferndale
Friday night, Saturday & Sunday Weekend InDepth Retreat - Friday night, Saturday & Sunday. Scheduled from time to time Aura.Soul.Art Studio Ferndale
Fri: 18h30- 22h00; Sat & Sun: 08h30 -17h00