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Pollyanna Blanco


"May you dive into the depths of your soul, befriend your body, master your mind, and soar with your spirit." - Pollyanna Blanco, author of In Rhythm With Your Soul.

I am a dancing soul who has enjoyed 20 years as an educator (Hon. BA., B. Ed), a dancer who has performed and taught ballroom and social dance, an author, a Reiki Master, and a Divine Connections practitioner. Passionate about supporting you as you explore your own unique dancing journey to wholeness, I am honored to offer you the powerful and transformative Chakradance experience.

Our very essence is creative. As we each journey within, through movement and music, and meet our authentic self, greater freedom, peace, and love awaits us. Rediscover and embody the joy your soul has been yearning for.

"Since your workshop I've been SINGING IN MY SLEEP! I've been dancing in the coffee shop while waiting in line. . . and in general I feel lighter and more at peace with the world."

Christopher Johnstone


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Sunday, April 28, 2019 Sunday Soul Spa Continental Dance Club 3141 Wharton Way
Mississauga, Ontario
1 - 4:30 pm, tickets:
July 9-12, 2019 (Book NOW for great flight deals) Extend your stay July 6-13, 2019 PROMO CODE: Chakrabalancing Dancing the Creative Path Women's Chakradance Retreat Hotel B Cozumel, Mexico
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