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  • Reboot your Base Chakra e-Course

    Reboot your Base Chakra e-Course


    Product Information

    Are you ready to make a commitment to your own health and wellbeing? To feel more comfortable in your own body? To radiate more vibrancy and presence?

    If so, we invite you to enjoy this e-course by Chakradance founder Natalie Southgate.

    This is a course which can be woven into your daily living.  You don't need to take time off from work, or go and sit on a mountain-top. The tools and techniques you will learn can be integrated into your daily life.

    On signing up, you will be sent a receipt with a link to the downloads page to download all your course materials: e-books packed with information and exercises to try, plus 7 different 'moving meditations' set to awesome music.

    In this course you will

    • Reconnect with the forgotten wisdom of your body
    • Learn powerful techniques for building communication with your body and the messages it has for you
    • Learn tools for grounding your energy and becoming more present in the now
    • Release blocked energy you are holding in your body
    • Meet your power animal and learn to trust your own inner instincts
    • Experience the power of mantra and movement to charge your base chakra
    Reboot your Base Chakra e-Course


    1. Guided meditation and movement practices by Natalie
    2. Lots of practical information on rebooting your base chakra

    Receive, too, as a Bonus, our most popular Meditation taking you on a journey through all 7 of your chakras - a guided meditation set to hauntingly beautiful chakra-resonant music including chakra-attuned Crystal Bowls.


    When you purchase the e-course, you will be sent a receipt with a link to download all the course materials.



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