7 Reasons you should care about your chakras

Blog 7 Reasons You Should Care About Your Chakras

“When we make a commitment to create a balanced and healthy chakra system, we are making a commitment to holistic and ultimate health.” – Natalie Southgate 

Last time we talked about what the chakras are, and in this post I’m going to give you some reasons why you should care about your chakras.  

I mean ancient energy systems are all very well and good, but what relevance do they have today? Isn’t there an app for managing all that?

Modern physics suggests that the majority of the physical world is actually made up of space, and not empty space, but energy. Many ancient systems of energy management – like the chakra system – suggest that by harnessing this energy we can affect material reality.

  1. Like your physical health, your spiritual health requires a degree of fitness to ensure your optimal health and wellbeing. The chakra system is part of an ancient practice to attain spiritual fitness and vitality and as such can be an easy and accessible way to connect with your spiritual energy.
  2. The chakras are dynamic energy control centres that manage our vital life energy or prana. This spiritual energy is our life force, and as such has direct effects on our physical health and wellbeing. Just as we want to maintain clear arteries so our blood can flow unimpeded, we want our subtle body channels to be clear and unblocked to allow our vital life force to flow.
  3. The chakra system provides a blueprint for all aspects of our life. By clearing blocks in our energy system, we increase our capacity for love, joy and wellbeing. Our natural state of being is love and joy, but life trauma and programming from our family and culture can inhibit this natural expression. Releasing these old patterns of thinking and behaviour frees us up to experience a pure energy flow from the divine source.
  4. Our life experiences can be energetically stored in our chakra system, effectively blocking the flow of energy, and these blocks may eventually manifest as emotional or physical issues. Releasing old, stored energy in our chakras can revitalise our zest for life and our relationships, as we are no longer blocked or stuck in old patterns.
  5. Focusing on the relevant chakra for a particular life issue we have can assist us in developing healthy behaviours and overcoming addictive or self-destructive behaviours. Many mood disorders and addictive behaviours, like overeating and sex addiction, can be caused by a desire to overcompensate for deficient life force energy.  Chakra balancing practices like Chakradance can help alleviate the underlying energetic causes of these compulsive drives. For example, meditation on our base chakra can help us feel more grounded and secure in the world, while meditation on the solar plexus chakra can increase our confidence. Meditation on the sacral chakra can help us access a natural flow of joy and sensuality that is healthy and not excessive.
  6. The purpose of our vital life force is to empower our body, mind and spirit. If that life force is getting blocked up or wasted on fuelling old resentments, traumas and emotional patterns, then we are left with less energy to invest in the present moment, less energy for the natural flow of abundance, joy, vitality and creativity.
  7. Chakradance is known as the dance practice of the soul, for when we tap into our chakra system we experience the truth of who we really are, we are able to listen to what our spirit, our deep inner voice, really has to say. As we engage in this dialogue with the soul, we become more able to express ourselves with honesty and integrity. It is like coming home to our selves.

We all want to feel good, to feel vital and healthy. We all want healthy relationships and balance in our lives. A healthy flow of life force energy, flowing through your chakra system, will ensure your whole mind, body and spirit is firing on all cylinders.