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“When we consciously work with our chakras, and choose to balance their energy and optimise their programming, we can literally change our own energy.” – Natalie Southgate

Before I discovered Chakradance, I often complained that my get up and go had just got up and went.

I felt tired all the time, like I had lost my spark, lost my mojo. Chakradance brings so many benefits into my life, but this kick-starting of my energy levels back to a point of vitality and a renewed lust for life has been the most amazing for me.

Kick-starting your chakras sounds a bit extreme, doesn’t it? That’s why, here at Chakradance, we prefer to call this process an awakening.

So what does it mean to awaken your chakra system?

Your chakra system is a system of energy. Ideally, this energy should be freely flowing but stress, trauma, depression, illness or emotional upsets, can cause our energy to become restricted or depleted.

Chakradance is a gentle practice that allows the surfacing, release, and healing of any issues or energies that are ready to shift.

Through movement, intention, and the vibrational frequencies of the music, this stuck energy is released through the energy centres.

Often an issue will come to mind as this blockage is released. Sometimes we see an image or a colour, or a feeling may pass through as the shift occurs.

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Chakradance is designed to rebalance your energy body.

Chakradance works for people on many levels. It works for people who are curious to explore their chakras in an experiential way, or are just looking for self-expression and fun.

Chakradance also works really well for people who find themselves trying to process difficult life circumstances, be that health issues, work stress, or other times of change and transformation.

The Awakening workshops are a wonderful way to awaken your chakra system. This process is a deep-dive into the seven chakras, one at a time, allowing your energy system to release, transform and recharge.

But don’t take my word for it, let’s see what the participants of an Awakening workshop cycle had to say about their experiences.

“Chakradance was definitely a powerful journey for the mind, body and soul!”

Krutika found the nine-week Awakening process allowed her to shift the energetic residue of a recent bout of illness. She found as the weeks passed, even her mandalas began to look more vibrant and full of green, which she associated with healing and an opening of her heart chakra.

“Awakening the chakras through Chakradance stimulated emotional healing from my illness and letting go of past experiences.” Krutika

Jessica was in a stage of transition and healing from grief and trauma when she came to Chakradance. She had already sought out other healing practices and was ready to embrace a blossoming and evolution into the fullness of her spiritual being through Chakradance.

“Every week I felt completely welcomed, comfortable and loved by the facilitator and the other dancers. I was free to express myself and supported as any emotional issues arose and were released. I felt a sense of freedom after every class and I will definitely be doing it again in the future as I continue to evolve and expand!” Jessica

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“What a truly amazing experience the Chakradance Awakening course was!”

Anthea found herself in a very stressful work situation, whilst undertaking an undergraduate degree.

“I was holding onto life by a thread at the beginning of 2015. I had high anxiety, chronic stress, and insomnia and I was searching for something to hold onto and give me strength through this stressful time.” Anthea

During this difficult time she committed to the Awakening cycle over nine weeks and describes her transformation in her own words.

“Chakradance helped to heal, to make sense, and see a way through the darkest chapter of my life. The more I journeyed through those nine weeks the stronger I got.

I will always be thankful to Chakradance for the power of healing and recognition that I can live a happy life. The Chakradance journey was truly the bright light on my dark path.” Anthea

“One of the most powerful, profound and transformational experiences of my life.”

Amelia found the Awakening process really lived up to its name.

“The Awakening cycle was truly an awakening for me. It was a much-needed opportunity to open and connect with my inner and physical self and start the process of shifting stagnant and stuck energy.

I experienced quite a few dramatic shifts during the nine weeks. Plus it’s just fun to dance and feel myself being present.” Amelia

Six months later she went through the cycle again and was pleased to find there were more shifts to be experienced.

“The next time I went through the Awakening cycle the shifts I experienced were deeper, subtle and more about strengthening and building on the positive changes I’d made in the first cycle. The other women in the classes heightened the experience for me by being able to tap into our communal energy and sharing our thoughts and feelings about our own and each other’s experiences during the dances.” Amelia

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“Doing the cycle again consolidated my connection to my intuition, my inner self and my physical body.”

Many people love coming to Chakradance to share sacred space and dance freely and without inhibitions.

The combination of free-flowing dance and the mandala art is a rich and fun way of self-expression, which may be otherwise lacking in their lives.

They love the ‘me’ time, a space in their lives where they can really let go of life’s pressures and focus within. It is very grounding and centering.

Here, I have shared only a few of the many wonderful healing transformations experienced by Chakradance participants. I hope this inspires you to find a class and begin your own chakra awakening.

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