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This week’s post is written by Kimberly Gallap* a Chakradance facilitator and blogger from Encinitas, California

“Show up and shine. Show up and shine. Show up and shine.”

I repeat this over and over in my head like it’s my new mantra. As I say it, I am on my way to facilitate a Chakradance class. I have been a facilitator for two years now but my stomach still gets in knots, my throat dry, my voice wavering.

The feelings of self-doubt get to me “Who the hell are you to think you can help anybody?” “Why do you get to show up and shine, what makes you so great?”

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And then I get to class, and the amazing energy from the meditation and the dance and also from the wonderful participants washes over me and I feel at peace.

I feel connected as I realise that it’s not just me…

We are all here to show up and shine, to discover that brilliant little light deep within ourselves so that we may shine on to others and help them in some way. And yet, most of the time we are afraid to do that or we feel like we are not worthy of letting our light shine.

The first time I did the Heart Chakradance, I cried. Sobbed, really. I was alone in my room and I just let loose… It was like some intense emotional and spiritual cleanse!

I cried for the little girl in me that felt abandoned, I cried for all the times I’ve been hurt, and I cried for all the times I hurt someone. And afterwards, I felt so free and like a shiny brand new me! It was awesome!!

Now I’m not saying you should try Chakradance because I want to make you cry, in fact, chances are you probably won’t. But we all have these emotions and experiences stored within our bodies and psyches just looking for a release! Whether we want to acknowledge what’s really going on down deep inside or not, it’s still happening.

More and more people are turning to meditation and yoga to calm the mind and bring about awareness. I think we are definitely coming to a time in history when more and more people are waking up and yet there is also a darker shadow side too.

We are losing our connection with the Earth and we are all paying for it. Couples tend to lose their connection and some people end up feeling lonelier in a relationship that out of one. With the advance in technology, we are more able to be connected than ever.

Yet we are also coming to a place where we are feeling more disconnected in our daily lives. Many of us are so busy that we don’t take the time to really connect with the people we love, never mind trying to connect with ourselves!

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Chakradance is a fantastic way to do both! It is a very personal experience because the dance allows us to go within (like a moving meditation) and listen to the callings of our souls. And yet the energy felt within our sacred space brings about a feeling of connectedness with everyone present.

We do focus on moving and balancing the energy of the chakras which are the energy centres in the body. If chakra is too much of a “woo woo” concept for you, then just think of it in terms of working out your energetic and physical body! Both need to move, both need to grow, to expand, and change. Both need to be nourished.

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If you think you are too good, not good enough, too busy, too nervous to show up for yourself and others, think again. You need this – whether it’s Chakradance or any other therapeutic way of showing up for yourself – make sure you carve out the time to do it!

Your kids, significant others, family, friends – heck, the whole wide world – we all need you to show up and shine!

Can you imagine what a beautiful world this would be if we all shone our lights brightly, if we all listened to our soul’s calling, if we all truly saw each other the way we were meant to be seen?

*About the author: Kimberly is a Mom, a massage therapist, Chakradance facilitator, and writer. A self described hippie, lover of nature, travelling, worldschooling, animals, essential oils, dancing, books, vegan food, chakras and other spiritual stuff and all things “woo woo”. “And I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine. Whenever, life feels too serious and heavy, come armed with a sense of humour and always be okay with laughing at yourself!”

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