The throat chakra – finding your own voice

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Art by Sekhar Roy

“Our word is powerful, and the way in which we speak our words has great influence and real impact in our lives.” – Natalie Southgate

Are you afraid of speaking up and stating your truth? Do you censor yourself to avoid hurting other people’s feelings? Do you speak harshly or judgmentally to yourself or others? These are all signs of unbalanced throat chakra energy.

As you rise up into the energy of the throat chakra, you will begin to notice a shift in energy. Each of the four lower chakras connects to a physical element. By the time you reach the throat, you are moving out of the physical plane and into the non-physical realm of ether.

Vissudha, the Sanskrit word for the throat chakra, literally means purification. In the throat Chakradance, we chant and sing to cleanse the throat chakra, and enhance our ability for self-expression.

The non-physical element associated with Vissudha is ether, the field of subtle vibrations surrounding all things. The throat chakra, more than any other, governs our relationship with vibrations and resonance.

This is to sense the world on a vibrational level, and to trust the ‘vibes’ you pick up on. Balancing and purifying the throat chakra can enhance our sensitivity to ourselves, to others and ultimately to the universe we live in.

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When the throat chakra becomes purified, you awaken to the more subtle communication abilities of telepathy and clairaudience.

This chakra governs your relationship with vibrations and resonance. It is from the throat centre that you produce sound through vibration. As such it is incredibly susceptible to vibrational energy, and responsive to resonance of all kinds. Chanting and humming, listening to vibrational sounds are among the best ways to clear and balance this chakra.

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Physiologically this chakra governs the health of the throat, nose, ears, mouth, neck and vocal cords, as well as the thyroid and parathyroid glands, which are responsible for our metabolism.

The signs of imbalances in the throat chakra are – depending on whether the chakra is over-active or under-active – are either talking too much, or not speaking up.

So either listening more, to sounds that soothe this chakra, or speaking up more, sometimes by practicing difficult conversations aloud, will help realign this chakra.

Intoning mantra sounds is a great way to practise vocalising if this is difficult for you.

The Vissudha Chakradance is a place of contemplation, calm, peace, divinity, and deep reverence for me.

The Throat Chakradance involves repeating a sound or mantra, and allowing the body to move with this harmony from within. As reciting the mantra became more and more powerful, I reached a state where the resonance from within me and the movement of the dance just flowed in effortless accord, and I was transported into the etheric state of sound vibration.

The throat chakra carries the energies of truth, integrity, honesty, and communication. It also governs the ability to listen, both to the words of others and your own internal dialogue within your body.

As the throat chakra is concerned with authenticity and purification, it is helpful to remember the Buddhist precept of right speech. Ask yourself before you speak “Is it true, is it kind, is it necessary, is it the right time?”

I think very few people are great communicators, but you know it when you meet one. They clarify everything, and you just know they hear what you meant to say, and you hear what they meant to say.

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It’s magic. And not coincidentally, they are usually people of great integrity, creativity, and clear expression.

Paramount to Vissudha, is the expression of self through speech and creativity. Finding your true voice.

What better time than now to find your true voice and bring your truth into reality through self-expression? It is so cleansing to lovingly speak your truth to those around you. When you speak with your true voice, you attract people around you who resonate to the true you and allow the flow of the universe to support you in manifesting your intentions.

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Natalie’s 5 Top Tips for balancing your throat chakra:

  1. Have the intention of always being open and honest with your communication. Try to keep communication meaningful, not indulging in gossip, lies and pointless chit-chat.
  2. Be mindful of the Buddhist precept of wise speech: “Is it true, is it kind, is it necessary, is it the right time?”
  3. Acknowledge that ‘listening’ is as much a part of communication as talking, and practice active listening.
  4. Be open to higher levels of communication (telepathy, clairaudience, channelling).
  5. Explore ways of connecting with your innate authentic creativity eg. dance, painting, the way you dress, cooking etc.