Which Chakradance class is for me?

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“Reflecting back on my life, the times when I have felt most alive and in touch with my ‘true self’ are the times when I have been moving my body, through dance. Not the times when my teacher was instructing me to move my body this way or that, but the times when I really let go, let the music enter my body and ‘moved’ in an authentic way.”  – Natalie Southgate

Many people ask “which Chakradance class is right for me?” and rightly so. Chakradance may be a new and unknown experience for you.

Chakradance is such a gentle, take-it-at-your-own-pace process, you really can start with any of the classes. Here’s a guide to the class formats, this information may help you to make your decision.

I often say to people, just try any class, Chakradance will meet you where you are. It’s easy to postpone trying Chakradance waiting for the perfect class at a convenient time, but the best thing you can do is just come along and do what feels right for you. And you may find the class that you end up at is exactly what you needed. I find it usually works that way.

The healing practice of Chakradance is presented in a small, safe group setting. Chakradance provides a sacred and nurturing space where you can surrender to your own experiences, become more in tune with your chakra system and activate your own inner healing.

Chakradance classes are held in a darkened room, lit only by candlelight. In this sacred space, we begin to transition from our outer, everyday life, into our rich inner imaginative world.

It is from here that our deep inner healing is activated.

In your Chakradance class, you will be guided into your own experience of each chakra using specific music, guided visualisations, mandala art-making and meditations.

Dancing the seven chakras is like entering into seven different inner landscapes, each with its own lessons, meanings and stories. We explore our instincts, sexuality, and power, how we love and communicate, our intuition and our spirituality.

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7 Keys to Freedom is a wonderful introduction to Chakradance. Here we dance through all seven chakras in an hour-long dance, so you can get a feel for the practice before committing to a longer class or cycle.

All the classes incorporate a short dance through all seven chakras, but this class focuses entirely on this flowing journey through each chakra, moving up from the base to the crown.

It’s a great way to try out Chakradance, but also a fantastic and quick chakra tune-up for in between cycles.

Awakening is designed for both beginners and regular Chakradance participants. It begins with an introductory overview, a dance through all seven chakras, and goes on to explore a different major chakra each week, before concluding with an integration class.

This cycle will gently awaken each of your seven chakras and help you to discover where your energy is flowing and also where you have blockages. Dancing through your chakra system regularly will release blocked energy and help you to feel more alive and energized. It will open you up to insights about your life, and bring balance and health to your whole system.

During the Awakening cycle, participants are given practices to work on between classes, focusing on how the energy of each chakra may express itself in our lives. In this way, the Awakening process can continue on throughout the week following each dance, and we can really begin to embody the energy of that chakra.

This is a deep dive into your energy system, your essence, your spirit. Held in a beautiful sacred space, with a small group, this is an opportunity to journey deep into your innermost self. Participants have reported amazing shifts during these dance cycles, and many feel drawn to do a couple of cycles a year to continue their transformational soul work.

The Journeying Series consists of seven workshops, each offering a deepened experience of the seven major chakras.

This series has been designed for participants who are ready for deep inner transformational work. Journeying delves even deeper into your energy body. Expect to discover hidden facets of who you are, gain clarity and insight, and reconnect with your true, authentic self. As you experience deep shifts through this process, be open to discovering your true path and purpose in life.

Journeying is a shamanic practice where we allow ourselves to dance into a trance-like state in order to experience a deeper level of consciousness. Often in these dances, where we spend longer dancing uninterrupted in one energy centre, we go deep into our consciousness and experience the bliss, insight and awakening that comes with this intense spiritual connection with self.

Experience the dance of all seven chakras in one extended, celebratory workshop. This is a joyous dance journey through your own sacred energy centres.

We often run these workshops for special times of the year like full moons or equinoxes. Keep a look out for these beautiful dance celebrations.

This isn’t really a class, it’s a spiritual dance party!

You can find a class near you by using the ‘find a class’ locator on this website.

Different facilitators may offer a selection of these classes, so trust and experiment and find the one that works best for you.

If you can’t find a facilitator near you, why not start as I did, by purchasing the Chakradance DVD or audio downloads and dance at home.

And if you love Chakradance as much as I did, you might like to do the facilitator course and start your own Chakradance classes in your area.

Give it a try – who knows where your spirit will lead you?

Blog Which Chakradance Class Is For Me06