Renowned teacher, healer, Hay House author, and Chakradance™ Founder, Natalie Southgate presents…

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Do you have a passion for healing? Do you want to create a business that lights up the world? 

Discover the proven path I’ve used to help hundreds of highly empathic, talented (and sometimes deeply introverted) souls become successful, world-class healers on a global scale.

Whether you’re just starting out on your healing journey or you’ve been in practice for a decade and are looking for a way to revive, expand, and breathe new life into your business, this is for you…

Turn your healing power into a soul aligned successful business!

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PACIFIC (eg. San Francisco) Monday 10th October 3.00pm
EASTERN (eg. New York) Monday 10th October 6.00pm
BST (e.g. London) Monday 10th October 11.00pm
CEST (e.g. Paris) Monday 10th October 12.00am
AEDT (eg. Sydney) Tuesday 11th October 9.00am
NZDT (e.g. Auckland) Tuesday 11th October 11.00am

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • let go of patterns of self-sabotage or not feeling good enough, and step fully into your power as a conscious leader and healer
  • stop hiding your gifts and serve to your highest potential, making a profound impact on the world
  • release financial struggles and create an abundant income, whilst being in deep alignment with your soul purpose
  • facilitate profound and lasting transformation with your clients, empowering them to awaken to their highest potential and expression
  • shift from self-doubt and a lack of clarity, to running your business with confidence, self-belief, and unstoppable vision.
  • become an embodied leader and guide your clients to the places you’ve healed for yourself as you support them on their journey.
  • have the financial freedom, and the business structure, to create a balanced life for yourself, where you can take time off, spend time with your family, and serve your clients from a place of wholeness.

Join me for this live 60-minute Masterclass and learn how you can turn your passion for healing into a divine business that nurtures

your mind, body and soul.

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I’ll be sharing:

  • Why your self-healing work is not only the key to unlocking a life filled with the joy, inner peace, and freedom you deserve, but why it’s also the key to growing a thriving healing business.
  • How Chakradance has deeply transformed thousands of people’s lives, and how it can change yours and your clients’ too.
  • How weaving your healing skills with a clear business strategy, and embracing the online world, will lead to the life and business of your dreams.


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About Your Host Natalie Southgate

As well as being the founder of Chakradance, Natalie is also a Hay House author, Jungian Psychotherapist, and co-founder of the children’s wellbeing program, Inamojo.

She has run events at Deepak Chopra’s Center in California and trained hundreds of accredited facilitators who are now running Chakradance in over 60 countries.

Natalie was nominated by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 8 Influential Women of Diversity to watch in 2021, alongside Oprah Winfrey. USA Today named her as one of the Top 10 Conscious Female Leaders to watch in 2022.

Natalie is passionate about helping people heal from past traumas and emotional wounding, finding happier, more balanced lives as Chakradance™ helps them ‘come home’ to their true authentic selves.

Testimonial Deepak Chopra

Fascinating insights into the effect of movement on the chakras... and a wonderful experience

Testimonial Tami Simon

Thank you so much, Natalie, for the great gift of Chakradance

Testimonial Brenda Birno

This experience has been so incredibly profound and transformational. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude

Brenda Birno
Testimonial Maureen Nowicki

This has been a uniquely divine experience that has definitely shifted me in unexpected ways.

Maureen Nowicki
Testimonial Angela Lawson

Chakradance has truly reignited my joy in life.

Angela Lawson
Testimonial Anthea Slade

Chakradance has been one of the most powerful, profound and life changing experiences of my life.

Anthea Slade
Testimonial Joyce Hynes

Chakradance has changed my spiritual DNA.

Joyce Hynes
Testimonial Lynette Mcfadden

Natalie, I cannot even begin to express my immense gratitude for what you have created, and the huge changes it has brought into my life.

Lynette McFadden
Testimonial Stephanie Graham

Chakradance is the best gift of self-care and self-love that I have ever given myself.

Stephanie Graham