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Free: Gratitude Meditation


It’s always good to spend some time reflecting on what we are grateful for in our lives.  This may be a friendship, a beautiful piece of music, the sweet smell after it rains...

When we invite gratitude into our lives, we raise our vibration by lifting up into our heart chakras.  We then magnetize towards us experiences that are in alignment with this higher vibration.

My gift to you today is a guided meditation which is set to beautiful, heart expanding music.  I invite you to sit comfortably for 7 minutes and raise your own vibration through opening to the energy of gratitude and grace.

Just tap or click on the link below...


Nat x

Gratitude Meditation by Natalie Southgate.mp3 Gratitude Meditation by Natalie Southgate.mp3 16511 KB


Please download to a computer (laptop or desktop) if you want to 'save' this meditation.

Art by Melina del Mar with our deepest gratitude!