A 7 Week Transformational Journey into your Chakras

With Natalie Southgate

STarts 27th may 2024 (PDT)

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Are you feeling that deep inner calling to feel more truly yourself, and live the life you know you are destined to live? 

It might be a quiet whisper from within or a loud roaring scream from your body and soul. But at some deep level you know you are ready to:

  • surrender deeper into your next level of healing and spiritual growth
  • release the patterns of the past that are holding you back from being your true self
  • more fully awaken your empowered and passionate self and live your soul magic


Chakradance Rituals draws on ancient wisdom to help invoke inner healing and deep transformation.

Ancient civilizations have always drawn on the sacred healing power of rituals to elevate spiritual growth and enrich their lives.  

Rituals send powerful messages to our unconscious causing change to take place at the deep levels where our beliefs and patterns originate. They help us to connect to our inner world and the spiritual realm, bringing healing and a sense of reverence into our lives. 


About the Chakradance Rituals 7 Week Journey

When I discovered the ancient eastern map of the chakras over 30 years ago, I felt like I had discovered gold. It was like I’d been handed a treasure map of how to travel into the depths of who I am. 

I’ve never let go of this map, and it continues to guide me to ever increasing places of inner discovery, spiritual growth and accelerated positive change in my life. 

My biggest discovery has been the absolute certainty that whatever is happening for us on the inside is reflected back on the outside. Our lives are a mirror of what is both healed and unhealed within us. 

And so it became my mission to take this sacred map of the chakras, and find ways to live it, breathe it, dance it! 

Using a potent combination of teachings, guided meditation, dance, chakra resonant music, mandala art, breathwork, and talisman work … you are invited to be lovingly guided deep into your body, your chakras, and your inner world. Through the power of sacred rituals you will heal on the inside which will create positive change and growth in your outer life. 

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Chakradance Rituals is an initiation into your sacred inner world

Testimonial Deepak Chopra
Fascinating insights into the effect of movement on the chakras... and a wonderful experience

Imagine what it would feel like to:  

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  • birth into existence the life you know you deserve

  • live a sensual and passionate life where you are free from old patterns of behaviour 

  • release toxic beliefs and perceptions and rise into an empowered life

  • bring healing to your relationships, including the relationship with yourself

  • attract the people, opportunities, and experiences you desire into your life

  • develop your intuition to heightened new levels

  • open to spiritual guidance of such a high frequency that you feel deeply supported in every aspect of your life 

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“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

– Carl Jung 



EARTH – Planting Seeds

The base chakra connects us to the earth element. When we attune ourselves with the healing vibration of mother earth, we feel safe, supported and a sense of belonging. 

In this ritual, you will be guided to deepen your connection with the earth and your own body and plant your seeds of intention so that they can bloom and flourish in your life. 


WATER – Finding Flow

At the sacral chakra, we discover the sacred element of water that gifts us with the flow of our feelings and sensuality. 

In this healing water ritual, you will be guided to flow with sacred passion and pleasure as you release buried emotions and patterns of behaviour keeping you stuck. 


FIRE – Sacred Transformation

The solar plexus chakra connects us to the element of fire, symbolic of our energy and transformation.

Through a potent fire ritual, you will be guided to burn away your outdated beliefs, stories and perceptions and rise into a new empowered way of living. 


AIR – Healing Breath

At the heart chakra we breathe the sacred spirit of air which helps us find expansion and openness in our bodies and lives. 

Through a sacred healing air ritual you will be guided to release any wounding in your heart so you can open to a profound sense of freedom. 


ETHER – Vibrate your Creation

At the throat chakra, we travel into the vibrational realm of ether. It is here that we can create a magical life for ourselves by attracting experiences that match our vibrational frequency. 

In this Shamanic ether ritual, you will be guided to align with the creative energy of the Universe to manifest your own creations. 


LIGHT – Illuminate your Mind

The third eye holds the frequency of divine light, helping us to clear darkness and illusion from our lives, whilst opening us to the gift of clarity and insight. 

You will be guided to receive divine solutions and healing to any problems in your life through a sacred light frequency ritual.


SPIRIT – Divine Awakening

At the crown chakra, we reach the realm of Spirit, gifting us with blessings of spiritual wisdom that we can channel into our lives. 

In this sacred ritual, you will be guided to connect with the Ascended Masters, radically raise your own vibrational frequency and more fully awaken the divine within you. 

What’s included in the 7 Week Chakradance Rituals Course? 

  • 7 Video teachings by Chakradance Creator, Natalie Southgate, where she shares her guidance and wisdom on using rituals for each of the chakras

  • Audio files for your own Chakradance Rituals practice (including meditations, dances, mandala art creation, breathwork and talisman work). 

  • Weekly Live Group Zoom calls with Natalie Southgate and her team to guide and support you on your Chakradance Rituals journey.

  • Support by Natalie and her team in a ‘held’ private Facebook group where you can connect with a group of like-minded souls and be witnessed on journey

Chakradance Rituals E-Course


This life-changing e-course will radically transform your life from the inside out, elevating your next level of personal and spiritual growth.


US $999

(Payment Plan Available – 3 Monthly Payments of US $380) 

Chakradance Guarantee 14 Day


Mantra Dance By Chakradance

Mantras are the sacred sounds of Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. When we chant mantras, we evoke a specific vibration and open up to the sacred wisdom contained in each sound.  

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Each chakra has a specific mantra sound and in this program, you will be guided into chanting and dancing each mantra. The power of chanting mantras alone can have deeply healing effects on the body and mind. 

When mantra sounds, specific to the chakras are then danced and moved through the body, to our signature chakra resonant soundscapes, this is amplified throughout your entire being:

Body, Mind and Spirit. 

One of the most powerful ways to bring your Mantra Dance experience to consciousness, is through our guided mandala art. This is a powerful integrative processes that is one of the keys to the power of Chakradance as a healing dance therapy modality.

What’s included: 

  • Video teachings by Chakradance Creator, Natalie Southgate 
  • 7  Guided Chant Meditations – audios 
  • 7  Guided Mantra Dances – audios 
  • 7  Mandala Art Soundtracks 


(RETAIL $497)

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All Zooms will be recorded and available to replay throughout the E-Course. 

Please check your time zone using the following link: TIME ZONE CONVERTER 


Zooms will be at 12pm and 2pm each week



Zoom 1  (Welcome) – Monday 27 May 

Zoom 2 (Base- Earth) – Monday 3 June 

Zoom 3 (Sacral – Water) – Monday 10 June

Zoom 4 (Solar Plexus – Fire) – Monday 17 July 

Zoom 5 (Heart – Air) – Monday 24 July 

Zoom 6 (Throat – Ether) – Monday 1 July 

Zoom 7 (Third Eye – Light) – Monday 8 July 

Zoom 8  (Crown – Spirit) – Monday 15 July

What others have said about

working with Natalie …

“I couldn’t think of a more beautiful and empathic soul than Natalie to have brought Chakradance to life. Her energy, love and support always is its greatest gift and I for one will be forever grateful.” – Karen Searle. Queensland, AUS

“Natalie is a truly beautiful soul. Her magical light shines so brightly. She has taught me so much on my Chakradance adventure. I will always be grateful for her compassion, empathy, great fun loving humour and authentic professionalism. All these qualities make her a fabulous teacher and guide.” – Emma Shield. West Midlands, UK

“Natalie and her infectious positive energy absolutely changed my life and thousands of others. The Chakradance modality is a blessing to all and I feel so honoured to be part of this incredible journey and the facilitator tribe.I am forever grateful to Natalie for transforming my life and for guiding me to help others on their beautiful journeys.” – Masha Ban. Ontario, Canada

“Natalie’s facilitation is generous, authentic, raw, real and so full of wisdom. She radiates like a lighthouse, always constructively guiding and supporting, yet always leaving space for you to find your own unique way of embracing Chakradance without loosing your way. It is divinely orchestrated.” – Sofie Franzen. Vejle, Denmark

“Natalie is passionate, gifted, loving. With Chakradance, she gives thousands of people the opportunity to grow, feel better, transform, heal…She has created an amazing community and I would not hesitate one second to work with her. She is very generous and her trainings are extremely professional.” – Barbara Dewe. British Colombia, Canada


About Your Guide-ess, Natalie Southgate

Natalie Southgate is an internationally respected teacher who drew upon her background in Jungian Psychology, dance and energy healing to create the healing movement modality, Chakradance.

From its early creation in Natalie’s London apartment back in the late 90s, Chakradance has since become a global phenomenon. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people release past traumas and emotional wounding, finding happier and more balanced lives.

Natalie has 2 books published by House House, and a DVD and CD published by Sounds True. She is a faculty teacher at The Shift Network, has run events at Deepak Chopra’s Center in California (as well as opening shows for him in Australia) and has trained over a thousand Facilitators across 70 countries. USA Today named her as one of the Top 10 Conscious Female Leaders to watch in 2022. 

When she’s not dancing her chakras, or passing her wisdom on to others, you’ll find her on the beach or laughing raucously with her friends. 

Got Questions?

The program is all home-based, with guided support throughout. Your videos and audio files will be accessed via a members portal. Support will take place in a private Facebook group and all Zoom session will be recorded and shared in the group.  

Absolutely! Although the Zoom sessions are there as a support and connection for you, you will benefit hugely from working through the materials in the program. All Zoom sessions will be recorded and shared in our private Facebook group. 

We recommend allowing approximately 3 hours each week to dedicate to your Rituals journey. Much of what you learn will become a way of life and you may feel called to immerse yourself in the beauty of Chakradance for the sheer joy of it.  

The program is held within a 7 week time frame, with dedicated support throughout. To gain the most from the program, we recommend that you commit to engaging in the program in alignment with the schedule. However, you can complete the program in your own time. 

Yes, you will have life-long access to the materials and can return to them again and again. 

Founder of Chakradance, Natalie Southgate, and her team, will be holding sacred space for you throughout the 7 week program, via Zoom and the private Facebook group.  


There is no risk in enrolling. If you decide that the Chakradance Rituals program isn’t for you. No problem. You can contact us 14 days from the start date and we will give you your money back. We don’t offer refunds after 14 days.  

No. This Chakradance Rituals course is open to everyone. What you do require is the motivation to honestly look at the challenges in your life (with love and gentleness) and be open to positive change in your life.