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Imagine making an abundant income doing what you love through a potent healing modality that deeply serves the world.

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Once you have successfully completed the Certificate One training, you will be qualified to enrol in our Certificate Two Training so that you grow your business in the online world. And because you’ll now have access to literally millions of people, your impact and service can increase tenfold if not a 100-fold!

The world is increasingly online—and that has significantly impacted the personal and spiritual development industries with online courses becoming more and more in demand from people seeking healing. And the great news is that Chakradance has powerful e-courses that have been designed specifically to serve clients deeply in the online world.

In the Certificate Two training, you’ll experience our signature 9-week e-course ‘Chakradance to Heal Your Life’ and deepen your own personal healing and transformation.


After experiencing this powerful journey for yourself, you’ll learn everything you need to facilitate this transformation for others in the online space through group and individual e-courses. This includes both the practical and energetic skills to facilitate Facebook groups and live Zooms; preparing and recording your videos; creating your voice-overs for Mp3s; securely sharing course content; holding space throughout your e-courses; and creating and maintaining sacred boundaries.

On successful completion of the Certificate Two training, your Facilitator License will be upgraded to allow you to facilitate Chakradance e-courses. This includes group and private e-courses, online retreats, festivals, and corporate work.

The Certificate Two training will help you reach thousands of potential clients globally, taking your impact, income, and business growth to the next level. And you can run your programs from the comfort of your own home, around a schedule that suits you and your family.

Take a deeper look inside the Certificate Two training modules:


Healing Initiation

We can only take our clients as far as we have travelled ourselves. Diving deeper into your own personal transformational experience will lay the energetic foundations for the work you’ll do in the world and as a Chakradance facilitator.

People who have tapped into the transformative power of Chakradance through our e-courses say it’s a gift beyond their imagination. And in order to facilitate this phenomenal process, you must first offer it as a gift to yourself.

So let’s deepen your own transformation through:

  • activating each of your seven chakras more deeply, so you transform your own life and facilitate profound and lasting change with your clients
  • self-reflection through a gentle soul enquiry so you can become more conscious of your goals and dreams and set your highest intentions for your own life and for your work as a facilitator.


BASE CHAKRA: The Sacred Mother

Awaken your inner Sacred Mother archetype and reprogram your internal mothering so you can trust the wisdom of your body, your instincts, and maintain the life support systems to bring you comfort and safety.

This week, you’ll learn to:

  • release the victim and reclaim your inner mother energy, so you can feel safe and supported
  • embed the energy of true safety into your being, so you’re ready to take on the perceived challenges that come with living a life on your terms
  • release ancestral patterns around money, home, and survival, so you can start manifesting all you want to appear physically in your life
  • feel at ease with your body and the world and fully nourished in yourself


SACRAL CHAKRA: The Abundant Empress

Now it’s time to embody the archetype of the sacral chakra, the Abundant Empress, and break the pattern of self-sacrifice, release your suffering, and flow with passion, pleasure, and prosperity.

This week, you’ll learn to:

  • let go of being a martyr, so you can step into your lush, vibrant, sensual, and creative Empress energy, and invite that energy dance into all areas of your life
  • attune to the Divine Feminine energy of abundance—not just financially but in your friendships, relationships, business, and how you live your life
  • attract the money, people, support, and situations needed to help you manifest a life and business that feels joyful, abundant, aligned with your essence, and in constant overflow
  • heal any feminine or sexual wounding, so you can shift from pain, trauma, and disconnection to feeling more open to the possibilities of life


SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: The Warrior Goddess

Diving deeper into your solar plexus chakra, you will encounter the Warrior Goddess. Here you will reclaim your own core self-worth and value, setting you up for a life and business that feels empowered, congruent, and in alignment.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • let go of servitude, so you can create the energetic space to become your own warrior
  • take sacred responsibility for your soul calling and feel this clarity of purpose strengthen every cell of your being
  • release all feelings of unworthiness to unveil your true value, so you can become your own cheerleader, feel validated in your gifts and abilities, and fully own your power and vision
  • activate the innate courage that resides within you, so you can see your path ahead clearly and create a booming business and everything else your heart desires.


HEART CHAKRA: The Loving Healer

Activating your heart chakra more deeply, awakens the Loving Healer within you. As you heal the wounds in your own heart, you’ll radiate higher states of empathy and compassion, which you can channel into your life and your sacred work as a facilitator.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • breathe more joy and happiness into your life as you finally let go of any betrayal, rejection, or loss that you have been holding in your heart
  • release judgement and blame (for others and yourself) creating space to have your hearts truest longings met
  • stop sabotaging your relationships and let love in (and out) as you find fulfilling relationships that connect you deeply with the vibration of love
  • use your unique talents to spread your own brand of love to the world
  • open yourself to divine and unconditional love so you can heal yourself and share this loving energy with the planet

    MODULE 6

    THROAT CHAKRA: The Wild Creatrix

    You are a unique soul, with your own individual creative gifts. As you dance with the Wild Creatrix archetype at the throat chakra, you will re-discover your own authentic truth and expression and sing the song of your soul out to the world.

    In this module, you’ll learn how to:

    • become the creatrix of your own life by aligning your frequency, thoughts, feelings, actions, and visions with the vibration of the life and business you desire
    • no longer hide parts of yourself or pretend to be anything you are not, as you share your unique soul message and creative gifts
    • drop the false masks you’re wearing and any rigid beliefs that are blocking
    • release anxiety around expressing yourself, and shift into being confident about speaking your truth ⁠
    • engage in conscious ‘high-vibe’ communication as you express yourself with the highest integrity and take full responsibility for the vibration you share with the world.

    MODULE 7

    THIRD EYE CHAKRA: The Awakened Dreamer

    At the third eye chakra, you will encounter the Awakened Dreamer archetype and deepen the process of visioning your dreams into grounded reality – dreams for yourself, for humanity, for the planet. There is no dream too big for the third eye chakra!

    In this module, you’ll learn how to:

    • release your limited beliefs and programming and imagine your desired reality into existence, including a business you love
    • make a powerful connection to your own internal guidance system and learn to trust the synchronicities and co-incidences as signposts in your life
    • stop relying on others giving you the answers, but instead make your choices and decisions from your own experiences and intuition (the answers always come from within!)
    • trust your inner vision and surrender to the mysterious flow of life as you let go of false beliefs you have internalized from others.

    MODULE 8

    CROWN CHAKRA: The Embodied Priestess

    At the crown chakra, it’s your soul’s turn to dance. As you embody your inner Priestess, you’ll align yourself with the wise, ancient, and deeply knowledgeable eternal essence of you.

    In this module, you’ll learn how to:

    • surrender your struggles and open to the light of grace, knowing you are deeply supported in your soul walk here on earth
    • trust that hardships and challenges are spiritual assignments and use them to help grow and evolve in your life and business
    • bring a sense of sacredness and gratitude into your daily life and align yourself with the frequency of miracles, trusting that divine solutions will always appear
    • open yourself to deeper spiritual wisdom and the portal to the higher realms to receive divine guidance and messages from your soul

    MODULE 9


    Now that you have danced and embodied the archetype for each chakra, it’s time to integrate all that you’ve experienced in your personal transformation process and find the wholeness within.

    In this module, you’ll:

    • reconnect back with each chakra and archetype and feel the healing and shifts in your body, psyche, and soul
    • bring your learning full circle by reflecting deeply on what you’ve learned over your Chakradance journey, so you can be fully prepared to become a Chakradance facilitator of online e-courses.

    MODULE 10


    Now it’s time to learn how to facilitate your own Chakradance group E-Courses step by step.

    In this module, you’ll learn how to:

    • facilitate Chakradance group e-courses that are as powerful if not more powerful than an in-person event
    • set up the tech required to host online work, including Facebook groups, video creation, and mp3 files
    • master appearing on video and recording voice-overs for your mp3s
    • hold space and create sacred boundaries for online energy work to ensure the integrity, safety, healing, and joyful experience for all involved
    • everything else you need to deliver a high quality online course your clients rave about All.The.Time.

    MODULE 11


    A beautiful and potent way of facilitating Chakradance is through private e-courses. Whether it’s a full 9-part immersion or a single themed workshop, this is a powerful way of working with individuals all over the world.

    One-on-one e-courses appeal to a wide variety of clients. They work well for those who are travelling or doing shift work and need to book session times convenient to their schedules, through to those who simply prefer working privately, or want the extra holding of private sessions.

    In this module, you’ll learn how to:

    • work with clients one-on-one in an online capacity (different energetic spaces require different energetic settings and skills, and you’ll learn them all)
    • guide clients on a sacred journey from their initial call to the final session, so they leave your course feeling vibrant and connected to their highest potential
    • tune into what your client needs and personalize the session for a deeper healing experience
    • create sacred boundaries so that you remain clear and energized and can offer this potent healing work for many years to come.

      MODULE 12


      To complete your Certificate Two training and become licensed to facilitate Chakradance e-courses, you will be required to film yourself delivering an introductory video. All the requirements and support you need will be covered in this module, setting you up to be the best facilitator you can be.

       In this module, you’ll learn how to:

      • adapt a sample script to make it your own and deliver it confidently to camera in your own unique style and voice
      • take all the knowledge you have learned in this training and bring it to life as you create the introduction to your first Chakradance e-course, ready to share with the world.

      Here’s everything you get inside Chakradance Facilitator Training Certificate Two

      • 15 video teachings that will help you transform your own life, facilitate deep healing with your clients, and expand your business exponentially as you move into the online world
      • self-reflection workbooks for deep enquiry into each of your chakras and the creation of new intentions for the life and business you desire
      • workbooks and exercises to help you learn the skills needed to facilitate your own transformative online e-courses for groups and individuals
      • audio files for your own Chakradance practice so that you can lift to your highest potential and take your clients to the places you’ve healed for yourself
      • support in a “held” private Facebook group where you can connect with other Chakradance Facilitators doing the Certificate Two training, as well as our caring Chakradance team
      • 11 Live Zoom calls with our Chakradance team to guide and hold space for you and teach additional facilitation skills
      • Bonus sessions with Founder, Natalie Southgate
      Natalie Southgate Angel Wings Crop

      Turn your passion for healing into soul-purpose work, profits, and global change

      Chakradance Facilitator Training


      The Certificate Two Chakradance Facilitator Training takes just 12 weeks and will propel your personal growth and business growth to the next level. Invest in this experiential, joyful, in-depth training and receive everything you need to grow your online global business, for just:

      US $2250

       (Payment plan available – 4 monthly payments of US $625)


      STARTS FEB 8TH 2024

      NB: Successful completion of the Certificate One training is a pre-requisite for enrolment in the Certificate Two training.


      Four monthly payments of 


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      Thank you for offering such a detailed, inspiring, and professional training to help us to have a clear view, structure and method to run our spiritual business. Natalie’s words are powerful, encouraging, and inspiring, can feel her heart-felt passion and contribution. And thank you to the whole team for giving us so much support in Facebook and other ways.

      Lilly Ho

      I have many certifications in my toolbox and none of them come close to the quality, integrity, kindhearted and purity of energy and intention as Chakradance. To say Chakradance has been life changing is an understatement. So grateful. Thank you, Natalie Southgate, for your beautiful soul shine and all the bright lights who you have gathered. Purefection!

      Sandy Combs

      I have loved every single second of this training. Soooo much inside it. So comprehensive and the way it is delivered is so easy and enjoyable to follow.

      Erin Sharwood
      Chakradance S56 Foto11 Resp

      Since adding Chakradance as an additional modality to my yoga therapy business, I’ve held numerous events as well as two wellness retreats in Thailand where I included Chakradance. I love Chakradance because I feel I access the messages of my soul. I always feel peace and joy when I dance and that everything is as it should be. It helps my clients find increased self-awareness and releases stress. Chakradance is different from other modalities in that it is experiential and transformative. It is “easy” and can be done regardless of levels of fitness or abilities. It meets individuals where they are at. I am also grateful to have my online classes. All the marketing materials supplied by Chakradance have been most helpful in creating new income revenues and spreading the joy of this amazing work.

      Zabeth Cornelius-Knudsen, Chakradance Facilitator, USA