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Are you feeling that deep inner calling to break free from the cycle of feeling stressed out, anxious, exhausted, or depressed? 

Are you craving a life where you feel healthier, more positive and have the motivation and energy to do the things you want to do in your life?

It’s been a challenging few years for everyone. Most of us are feeling out of balance in some way or other. It might be from the repercussions of Covid, or you might be having dramas at work, health issues, or problems in your relationships. It’s taking its toll and you know you are ready for change. But how do you shift your energy? How do you come back into alignment? 

I get it, as I’ve been in exactly that place … 

So here’s an invitation to move your chakras and balance your life…


As we journey through our lives, our chakras can become out of balance. There are all kinds of reasons for this. Everything affects our chakras – from the food we eat and the toxins we breathe, to the shocks, traumas, and emotions we experience. The family we grew up in and the events that take place in our lives – some say even our past lives – all have an impact on the chakras.  

Chakradance will help you rebalance your chakras and bring them into a state of vibrancy and health. As you dance your chakras you will begin to notice changes in your body and in your life. Every time you Chakradance, your energy will shift. Blocks will dissolve, and with practice, you will find more freedom, flow, and balance in your life. 

Balance Program 1

No matter where you are at on your healing journey, this program will help balance your energy. 

As you become more energetically healthy, you will begin to vibrate at a different frequency. This new frequency or vibration will help you attract wonderful new situations, opportunities, and people into your life.

Here’s everything you get inside the Chakradance Balance program

  • A powerful Chakradance Experience – 15 minute guided dance journey with Founder, Natalie Southgate. VALUE US$144
  • The Chakra Activation – Natalie’s personal daily meditation VALUE US$77
  • Your Hidden Power – How to Clear, Protect and Direct Your Energy to Create the Life You Want 3 Part Video Training VALUE US$299
  • BONUS – The Chakradance Chakra Health Check – PRICELESS


That’s over US$600 worth of content for $47…

Gain life-long access and balance your chakras   


The Chakradance Experience


Introductory Video  

This video will give you a brief introduction to Chakradance and how to best use this experience. 

Guided Chakradance Experience

(Audio and Video)  You will receive a guided “Chakra Balancing Dance”. It takes only 15 minutes, and you can dance it daily, weekly, or whenever you feel you need more balance in your life.  The music has been fully composed to resonate to the frequency of each chakra. It works like a form of vibrational medicine, helping to bring each chakra into balance.  



This is Natalie’s much loved chakra activation meditation. Set to fully composed, and deeply relaxing, chakra resonant music, you will be guided on an inner journey into your own energy centers.  

Taking just 15 minutes, this is a deeply healing and balancing meditation that you can use daily or as often as you like.  

Chakradance Balance
Chakra Activation
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Do you find that you’re easily affected by other people? Perhaps you feel their pain or take on their feelings? Or maybe you easily “take on” fragments of energy from the places you visit (like the shopping mall)? It could be that even what you see on TV has a huge impact on you.   Being sensitive to energy is wonderful in many ways … you are probably intuitive and very compassionate. But it can also be very draining and exhausting, and you may often feel like you want to shut yourself out from the world. 

In this 3 part video training (25-minutes) Natalie shares information, tools and techniques, so that you can happily engage with the world, whilst still feeling clear and energized.  

What you will learn in this training: 

Part One:
How To Clear Your Energy Field 

The health of our energy field has a direct impact on our physical, emotional and mental health. Learn how to gain a clear and bright energy field and improve your health. 

Part Two:
How To Protect Your Energy Field 

Learn simple techniques to protect your energy

so that you don’t feel drained by other people or places you visit.

Part Three:
How To Direct Your Energy 

Learn how to set a clear intention so that you

can direct your energy and create the life you want.  


Over US$600 worth of content for $47…


About Your Guide-ess, Natalie Southgate…

Natalie is a Hay House author, Jungian Psychotherapist, Founder of the movement therapy modality, Chakradance and Co-Founder of Chakradance Kids. She has run events at Deepak Chopra’s Center in California, led retreats around the world and has trained over a thousand accredited facilitators who are running Chakradance in over 60 countries.  Natalie has been featured in many leading magazines, TV shows and podcasts and is an always-popular presenter and guest speaker at healing and wellbeing events, both live and online. USA Today named her as one of the Top 10 Conscious Female Leaders to watch in 2022.  Natalie is passionate about helping people heal from past traumas and emotional wounding, finding happier, more balanced lives as Chakradance helps them ‘come home’ to their true authentic selves.  When she’s not dancing her chakras or passing her wisdom on to others, you’ll find her on the beach with her children and fur-babies or hiking through the national park. 

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Testimonial Deepak Chopra

Fascinating insights into the effect of movement on the chakras... and a wonderful experience

Testimonial Tami Simon

Thank you so much, Natalie, for the great gift of Chakradance

Testimonial Brenda Birno

This experience has been so incredibly profound and transformational. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude

Brenda Birno
Testimonial Maureen Nowicki

This has been a uniquely divine experience that has definitely shifted me in unexpected ways.

Maureen Nowicki
Testimonial Angela Lawson

Chakradance has truly reignited my joy in life.

Angela Lawson
Testimonial Anthea Slade

Chakradance has been one of the most powerful, profound and life changing experiences of my life.

Anthea Slade
Testimonial Joyce Hynes

Chakradance has changed my spiritual DNA.

Joyce Hynes
Testimonial Lynette Mcfadden

Natalie, I cannot even begin to express my immense gratitude for what you have created, and the huge changes it has brought into my life.

Lynette McFadden
Testimonial Stephanie Graham

Chakradance is the best gift of self-care and self-love that I have ever given myself.

Stephanie Graham