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Discovery Experience
This is a sacred invitation to healers, coaches, Reiki masters, therapists, and wellbeing practitioners of all kinds… and to anyone feeling called to the path of healing.

Learn More What's Included Discovery USD $149

Are you curious about becoming a Chakradance Facilitator, but …


You haven’t experienced the healing power of Chakradance for yourself yet;

You’re not sure if Chakradance is the right modality to share with your clients;

You’re worried you might need to be a good dancer, or be knowledgeable about the chakras, to be able to offer this (you don’t);

You’re nervous about investing your time and money until you feel absolutely sure that this is the right training for you.

What's Included Buy Now USD $149

If you answered yes to any of the above, our Discovery experience is for you

It includes one sample module from our full accreditation training, so you can:

  • experience Chakradance and its transformational healing power for yourself;
  • get a feel for how the training is structured and what’s involved;
  • connect with Natalie and discover if she is the right guide for you;
  • make an informed and embodied decision about committing to the full Chakradance facilitator training.

About the Sample Module

Your personal healing journey is the platform on which you can facilitate the healing experience for others.

There are no shortcuts you can take on this journey. There are no detours. The simple truth is that, as Carl Jung says: “We can only take people to the places we have been.”

So let’s start with activating your own transformation through:

  • creating a sacred container for your transformation, so you’re held in safety and feel supported to release and expand (key: you’ll then know how to do this for others).
  • the initiation of each of your seven chakras, by experiencing the intro sessions of both our core 9-week programs: the in-real-life Freedom cycle, and the Heal Your Life e-course. Both of these programs will help you understand each energy center deeply while activating your own healing.
About the Full Training

Chakradance Training

What’s included?

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Introduction to The Activate Your Personal Transformation module

  • 1 x 10-minute video where Natalie introduces this module.
  • 1 x e-book with information and guidance, including the Chakradance Principles and energy exercises to help you cleanse and protect your energy field.

Heal Your Life Introductory Session

  • 1 x 10-minute video where Natalie introduces week one of the 9-Part Heal Your Life e-course, called Healing Initiation.
  • 3 x mp3s for the Healing Initiation 3-part Ritual. This includes a guided meditation (15 minutes), dance (20 minutes), and mandala art experience (15 minutes).
  • 1 x pdf – Healing initiation self-reflection exercise.
  • 1 x mp3 chakra activation meditation (15 minutes).

Freedom Live Introductory Workshop sample

  • 1 x 60-minute mp3 of a live Chakradance workshop

How much does it cost?

Your investment in this Discovery Experience is just US $149.

(When you book onto the full accreditation training, this fee will be deducted off the price)

Buy Now USD $149
Testimonials Shari Irwin, Canada

I am amazed at what I’ve learned about myself, and I can’t wait to help others to learn more about themselves and reconnect with their souls through Chakradance.

Shari Irwin, Canada
Testimonials Sharon Burkett, Usa

It is through Chakradance that I've found a deep and lasting connection to my inner joy and life purpose. Throughout the training you’ll learn how to care for your own energy so that you can confidently hold space for others. The training environment is supportive, uplifting, and empowering.

Sharon Burkett, USA
Testimonials Nadine Moses, Aus

I truly believe that doing the Chakradance Facilitator Training has been one of the most profound and life changing experiences of my life.

Nadine Moses, AUS
Testimonials Emilie Leeks, Uk

I just want to celebrate this training SO MUCH!! I have learnt so much, and gained so much, from doing this training, and I’ll be forever grateful to be a part of all of this.

Emilie Leeks, UK
Testimonials Gretchen Silva, Usa

'Each week of the course was exciting, a deep dive into my mind, body & soul as well as rich in content. The after ripples were delightful too.

Gretchen Silva, USA
Testimonials Siya Kaur, Uk

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you Natalie for this miraculous, life changing course. I look forward to introducing Chakradance, to help create a better life, for the people of Scotland.

Siya Kaur, UK
Testimonials Nelly DÑtwyler, Aus

Chakradance facilitator training has been a life changing experience for me.

Nelly Dätwyler, AUS
Testimonials Lesley Hughes, Uk

The training was so accessible to do from home while still feeling part of a bonded group exploring and learning together. It was a completely supported experience, and ‘held’ with great wisdom and love

Lesley Hughes, UK
Testimonials Kalid, Portugal

I am in love with Chakradance. The training is designed in such a great way that makes it a real educational, transformative and healing experience. Tons of precious material, delicious information and, of course, outstanding music. Your soul deserves this!

Kalid, Portugal