Natalie Southgate will explain chakras to you, and will lead you in getting them moving with Chakradance to release old emotional baggage, and restore your whole energy system to vibrant health.


If you are short on time, but would love to raise your energy levels and feel centred and calm, this mini guided class is just what you need. Dance this short class frequently to bring your chakra system back into a state of balance and harmony and to feel rejuvenated and alive. Includes voice-over guidance by Natalie and Douglas. Running time 15 minutes.


Seven unique tracks guide you on a dynamic dance journey through your own chakras. From tribal, sensual, pulsing, exhilarating, to ethereal, trance and spiritual. Dance every part of your being. Feel more alive and energized, and connect back to your true, authentic self. Free the energies in your body and open to a deeper experience of life. Be prepared for some energetic shifts, deep insights and some moments of pure freedom! Includes voice-over guidance by Natalie and Douglas. Running time 35 minutes.


This stunning DVD features everything that happens in a "live" Chakradance class, from the opening meditation and warm-up, through the dances and into mandala art-making to help you integrate whatever has come up for you in the dances, before finishing with a beautiful closing meditation. The soundtrack for the dances is from our "7 Keys to Freedom" CD, but this extended-play DVD also includes three utterly gorgeous new tracks.


This double-album offers the perfect way to begin and end each day. Created with the intention that you use them as a combined daily healing practice, you can of course use either album on its own too. The first album (Dawn) is a fresh compilation of 7 dynamic, guided, moving meditations, to charge up your chakras for the day ahead. The second (Dusk) has no guide-vocals, but is simply a compilation of 7 relaxing and healing tracks of chakra-resonant music interwoven with the healing sounds of chakra-attuned crystal bowls, to calm and balance your chakras at the end of the day.


A new album of Chakradance music. 7 tracks of healing 'moving meditations' by Natalie Southgate, all set to wonderfully danceable chakra-resonant music. To help you dance your way back to your True Self. After purchasing, please check your email inbox... within a few minutes you'll see a receipt from us that includes the link to download all 7 tracks that make up this album. If you don't see it, please check your other (promotional or junk) folders in case it's somehow ended up in there! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this new album.


SPECIAL OFFER. Full set of downloads of the Chakradance DVD and all our CDs. Includes the "7 Keys to Freedom" CD, the extended DVD of the same class, the new "Returning" album, the short "Rhythm for your Soul" CD, and the double-album CD "Dawn & Dusk". DIGITAL DOWNLOADS ONLY.

Testimonial Deepak Chopra

Fascinating insights into the effect of movement on the chakras... and a wonderful experience

Testimonial Tami Simon

Thank you so much, Natalie, for the great gift of Chakradance

Testimonial Brenda Birno

This experience has been so incredibly profound and transformational. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude

Brenda Birno
Testimonial Maureen Nowicki

This has been a uniquely divine experience that has definitely shifted me in unexpected ways.

Maureen Nowicki
Testimonial Angela Lawson

Chakradance has truly reignited my joy in life.

Angela Lawson
Testimonial Anthea Slade

Chakradance has been one of the most powerful, profound and life changing experiences of my life.

Anthea Slade
Testimonial Joyce Hynes

Chakradance has changed my spiritual DNA.

Joyce Hynes
Testimonial Lynette Mcfadden

Natalie, I cannot even begin to express my immense gratitude for what you have created, and the huge changes it has brought into my life.

Lynette McFadden
Testimonial Stephanie Graham

Chakradance is the best gift of self-care and self-love that I have ever given myself.

Stephanie Graham