Chakradance Prayer For Peace Banner

We invite you to join us in a Chakradance Dancing Prayer for Peace

Many of us are feeling deeply impacted by the events of the world. This might be present for you as feeling stuck, overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. You may also feel disconnected from yourself, family and your community.

Our invitation to you is to join our global community of healers, peace bringers and change makers and dance with us in a Chakradance Dancing Prayer for Peace

Our intention with this dance is for each of us to discover the peace within our own hearts. Once we activate our own heart chakras, we can send this healing vibration out to others and to Mother Earth. Together, we can make a difference.

The dance takes just seven minutes and we invite you to dance this as often as you like; even daily to help you feel calmer, more peaceful and able to not only nurture yourself but have the energy to nurture others.

You simply need to download the mp3 or stream the video, which you can do by entering your details below.

Then get either a stereo or your head-phones ready.

Set up a sacred space; this can be as simple as lighting a candle or going into your garden or finding a secluded spot on the beach.

Close your eyes, follow the guidance, and dance your prayer for peace.

Thank you for joining us.

Natalie x