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What is Chakradance? What are the benefits of doing it?

Chakradance creator and founder Natalie Southgate explains..

But don't just take our word for it...

Read the accounts of a group of 10 women who have just completed the 9-week Chakradance Awakening cycle for the first time, in..

Free Sample Track (Heart Chakra) from Dawn and Dusk

Please accept with our compliments this sample track from the double-album "Dawn + Dusk". It's the dance of the Heart chak..

Reboot your Base Chakra with this FREE Gift Pack

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had more energy? If you could get out of your head and be more fully prese..

Act Now and Save US$200 on the Facilitator Training Program

You just need to complete Step One (Discovery - 8 hours of home practice, to see if you like it) and then sign up for the Accr..

Free crystal bowls meditation for you to re-charge your chakra system

Most of our meditations are either "dancing meditations", or at least "moving meditations". This one is a little different..

Natalie Southgate talks about cleansing our energy fields

Just as our physical bodies need to be cleaned, stretched and exercised, so too our energetic bodies (or auras) need looking after..


"Chakradance is like ecstacy for my soul" Amy
“Chakradance has been one of the most powerful, profound and life changing
experiences of my life.” Anthea
“Fascinating insights into the effect of movement on the chakras...
and a wonderful experience” Deepak Chopra
"This Chakradance is powerful medicine" Paula
"One of the most amazing experiences of my life" Therese Kerr
“A liberating and intoxicating journey.” Vina

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