Renowned teacher, healer, Hay House author, and Chakradance™ founder, Natalie Southgate presents…

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Book a call with one of our team

This call is for you if you’re a holistic practitioner, health coach, reiki master, yoga teacher, therapist…  and you’re ready to up-level and expand your business.

It’s also for you if you’re called to change lives, and ready to start your own healing business.

Your call will be with one of our most experienced Chakradance Facilitators. Each of them has been through their own deep healing and they’re already walking the Chakradance path, so there’s no one better to guide you.

In the call, they will help you get clarity on:

  • What’s working in your life and business, and what isn’t;
  • What your dream life and business looks like and the best next steps to achieving this goal;
  • If Chakradance is the right modality and training for you, and if so what’s the best option for you.

Whether you decide to become a Chakradance Facilitator or not, you will get great insight and value from this call, and you’re going to come out with a clear sense of your best next steps to becoming an abundant healer.

Select a date and time on the calendar below (make sure it’s showing your time-zone beneath the table, and use the drop-down menu to adjust it if not). If you can’t find a time that works for you, please email us [email protected]