Your crappy feelings aren’t always yours!

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Art by Neil Krug

I’d only been in the motel room for a couple of minutes before I began to feel irritable and tired. I found myself snapping at my children and my husband over every little thing they did. Sure, I’d spent the day packing boxes for our house move, but I’d been fine all day, excited even, at the thought of moving into our new home the following week.

I had to step outside to take a few deep breaths to try to calm myself down. As soon as I was outside, I started to feel a sense of relief. That’s when it dawned on me that the surge of crappy feelings I had just experienced weren’t mine.

A huge part of my work with Chakradance is working with energy. Not only do we each have our own energy field, more commonly known as our aura, but the places we visit also have their own energy. Just imagine yourself in a Temple or a Church and imagine how the energy feels. Now take yourself to the supermarket or a busy airport and feel the difference.

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Art by Maryam Morrison

The energy of places hugely impact our personal energy, and yet for the most part we walk through life totally unaware of the effects the places we visit have on us. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t stay in motels, or go to pubs, but it helps if we become more conscious of our surroundings and take the right precautions.

There’s a number of energy exercises that we can do to clear our own energy, clear the spaces we are in (for example, the motel room), and protect ourselves. I learnt these exercises for myself when I was studying at The College of Psychic Studies in London ( over twenty years ago. I remember at first thinking that there was quite a lot of wishful thinking involved, but having now practised these exercises for so long, I know how powerful, and how necessary they are.

The first thing I did at the motel after recognising that I was picking up on stagnant energy in the room (possibly from the arguments or anger of the last guests, or even an accumulated build up from various guests) was to imagine the whole space being filled with a brilliant white light. I visualised this light dissolving all the negative energy and clearing the space. At the same time, I visualised myself standing under a stream of intense bright white light, washing away any negative or dense energy. The difference in how I felt, and how the room felt, was immediately palpable.

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Art by Greg Martin

Another wonderful way of clearing spaces, or your own aura, is through sound (for example: ringing chimes, or a bell, or playing a Tibetan bowl). As you create the sound, walk around your space so that the sound fills every part of the room. Next play the sound all around your body, from the top of your head down to your toes. You may even be able to feel the sound dispersing any dense and heavy energy. I also often use a clearing mist to spray my spaces and myself. I have worked with an Aromatherapist to create our own Chakradance mist, and I also recommend the Australian Bush Flower space clearing mist (

We can’t always clear the spaces we visit. Imagine how your friends might react if you walked into their houses and started clearing their space! Also, being out and about in public places is part of life. All we need to do is to remember to do a simple energy protection exercise before we go out. My favourite exercise is to set the following intention whilst at the same time visualising the words: “I am surrounded by the white light of divine energy through which nothing negative can penetrate”. This exercise is like creating a protective cocoon between you and the outside world. Try it next time before you do the grocery shop and notice how you feel afterwards. I know I always feel far less drained when I do this exercise first.

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Art by Pierre-Alain D

Energy exercises work most powerfully through repetition, and the aim is to let them become a daily part of our lives. They take hardly any time, and you have nothing to lose – except those crappy feelings that were never really yours in the first place!


Nat x

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