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Monika Cilmi


I am a professional artist, author, and creative healer.

Since childhood I felt close to spiritual and creative practices and especially attracted by dance.

Shamanism and the deep love for nature was always present for me.

I have always wanted to find a balance connecting with my inner self and find my real path. Art and creativity are my life, it is who I am not just what I do, and my artwork is inspired by mindfulness, nature, shamanism, and Chakras.

When I discovered Chakradance, I fell in love with it and found the piece of the puzzle of my life that was still missing. Now, I love to make a positive impact to the world with my work as an artist and Chakradance facilitator, and to hold the space for others to go on an incredible personal journey.

I have always been attracted by chakras and dance. Monika took me to a unique journey of my inner self; I can describe it as an amazing experience with various feelings and at the end I felt I had a clearer mind and purified spirit. I strongly recommend Monika's classes.

Valter Ennas